F1 VR Racing Simulator

Product Parameter Product name:Racing simulator 6-Dof Brand name:EMPOWER Country of origin:China Game:3 Racing Game Power:220V/4500W Weight:760KGS Steering wheel:Tumaster Size:2300*2292*1800mm Screen: 43 inch*3 pieces Player:2 Covering area:2300*2292*1800mm Warranty: 12 Months Product...



Product Parameter

Product name:Racing simulator 6-Dof                                               Brand name:EMPOWER

Country of origin:China                                                                      Game:3 Racing Game

Power:220V/4500W                                                                           Weight:760KGS

Steering wheel:Tumaster                                                                   Size:2300*2292*1800mm

Screen: 43 inch*3 pieces                                                                   Player:2

Covering area:2300*2292*1800mm                                                   Warranty: 12 Months

Product Description


Complete  with  three 43-inch HD  screens brings you realistic and hyper driving views.

High definition which perfectly matched up with 1980x1080 picture and fluency graphic

effect perfectly brings the formula 1 racing to real life away from track.

Servo Motor And Cylinder

We  keep  improving  the  core of machine - awesome performance electric servo motor

Servo motor enhances the speed and accuracy of the movements.7500Watt powerful motor supports multiple vibrations integrated to new top perform.

Tumaster Steering Wheel

A F1-type quick-release steering wheel with force feedback . tumaster Steering wheel increases the force of friction on your palm which makes you grab the steering wheel more tighten. Not only best sense of touch, but also finest sync of movement to the game.


Empower Racing Simulator 6-Dof Advantage
1.Strong 6 dof platform, high scientific and technological support , wear-resistance parts,long life operation;
2.Simulation with real car parts to provide the operating environment , throttle , clutch, brakes and other similar methods of operation is same with the real car ;
3.3D Motion Racing Car simulation intelligent technology that allows you to feel real-time changes around the four directions when driving ;
4.Restore various real road conditions ,truly experience the road bumps along the vertical direction of weightlessness or overweight, etc;
5.Using motor output shaft direct drive technology,less cost,more light,and action is coherent than the hydraulic,electric,and pneumatic platform 

Company Profile

1.Empower provide products and services to many high quality customers, including 3D Factory Samsung, Hyundai, GM, Maserati and so on.is a first class service.
2.Empower with carefulness, patience and integrity to create user satisfaction, wholeheartedly Provide users with first -class services.
3.Empower have a strong and growing team, and many of them have a high level of Intelligence, strength research and development talent from market research, product Development to product production testing and after-sales. provide professional services to customers.


Our Brand Store"EMPOWER SPACE"


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