Christmas 9d Vr Game Virtual Reality Car Simulator

Christmas 9d Vr Game Virtual Reality Car Simulator

Product Description We are professional in providing different VR experience hall customization solutions and corresponding equipment and services to customer according to their needs. Right now, the VR experience hall customization solutions designed for customers are 25 ㎡ and 50 ㎡ , 100 ㎡ ,...


Our company's HD VR Game Simulator, 360 VR Simulator, VR Kids Game Simulator set the strengths of similar products at home and abroad, and at the same time give full play to our own technical advantages. The quality and technology of our products have reached the advanced level of the same industry. The core of scientific and technological innovation and company development is human. If an enterprise wants to have its own talent team, it must pay attention to the management of human culture and the development of individual personality. 'Quality first, customer first' is the consistent pursuit of our company, we are determined to work hard in the field created, to provide users with excellent products and services with efficient management, advanced equipment and strict quality assurance system.

Product Description

We are professional in providing different VR experience hall customization solutions and corresponding equipment and services to customer according to their needs. Right now, the VR experience hall customization solutions designed for customers are 25 and 50, 100, 200, 300, 500, 800 etc. If you need to customize other plans, you can contact us at any time, we have professional design, sales, and after-sales service team can help you at any time.


Equipment list

 360VR (double) 2.0
 VR Racing Simulator 6-DOF 1
 Sphercial VR Space 1
 Spinning VR Simulator
 Surfing VR Simulator 1
 Multiplayer VR Simulator 1
 Hang Glider VR Simulator 1

Product Introduction

 Product Name: Surfing VR Simulator
 Country of origin China Brand name Empower
 Game type Surfing, Skiing Game quantity 4
 Weight 80 KG VR headset Pico G2 4K Plus
 Size 1600*970*1350mm Player 1
 Covering area 1700*1100*1450mm Power 220V/600W
* It's a stylish, cool surfboard look
* It's an immersive surfing and skiing experience
* It is designed as a safety guard
* Smart motion automatic adaptation
* Simple appearance, safety and easy to learn;
* Professional after-sale team online instruction 24 hours
* All of products have passed CE certification.


 Product Name: Hang Glider VR Simulator
 Country of origin China Brand name EMPOWER
 Power 220V/2000W Weight 230KG
 Size 2470*1300*2120mm Game quantity 4
 VR headset Pico G2 4K Plus Covering area 1700*1100*1450mm
 This Hang Glider VR Simulator is equipped with advanced process, which is really easy for use. In addition, people can close, land or return your order with the push of a button. People can edit HD footage and upload it directly to your social media from your iPhone or iPad. The video clip is automatically saved to the Micro SD card. The protective propeller guards ensure safe flight. High quality ABS materials don't have to worry about sudden impact or falling. There is no doubt that our VR Flight Airplane Flying Simulator 9D will be the best choice for beginners to have enough fun. On the other hand, the height-fixed function ensures stable hovering at a certain altitude in the air


 Product Name: Spinning VR Simulator
 Country of Origin China Brand name Empower
 Covering area 2000*2000mm Voltage 110V-220V
 Power 1500W Game type VR Film
 Size 1850*1350*2300mm Version All in one version
 Weight 190KG VR headset Pico G2 4K Plus
 Game quantity 25 Player 2
 Spinning VR simulator, a machine can give you a brand new virtual reality experience with specific motion platform. It consists of VR Headset, motion platform operated by hydraulic, VR game content and All-In-One machine for operation. It gives customers an immersive experience of virtual reality. Content includes exciting game like "Roller Coaster", horrible theme like "Eye of the Fear", funny adventure like "Finding Demo", etc.Anyway, you can have so much fun in here!

 Product Name: VR Racing Simulator 6-DOF
 Country of origin China Brand name Empower
 Power 220V/4500W Game quantity 3 racing game
 Weight 760 KG Version PC
 Product size 2300*2292*1800mm Steering wheel Tumaster
 Covering area 2300*2292*1800mm Player 2
 Racing simulator 6-Dof is is high profit product from EMPOWER. High-definition three-dimensional picture, six-axis motion platform, exquisite game screen and the details of the game allows players to feel the real world of the car, showing bumps, dive, sharp turns and other dynamic simulation, restore the various road conditions, so that drivers feel the real driving pleasure.Three 43 inch HDTV can best show the most popular racing games.With the rotary dynamic platform,small occupation,easy handling and high return on investment.

Company Profile

Jiangsu Empower intelligent Technology co.,Ltd, established in 2018 is an 2 years manufacturer engaged in the research, development, production, sale and service of Virtual Reality simulators. EMPOWER independently developed a variety of VR Simulator includes 9D VR Cinema, VR360 Roller Coaster Simulator, Spinning VR Simulator, Spherical VR Space, VR Flight Simulator, VR Racing Simulator 6-DOF etc. We have complete control of electric cylinder motion simulation technology and a leading special effects movie playback control technology.1

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Administration advertising and marketing gain, Credit history attracting buyers for Christmas 9d Vr Game Virtual Reality Car Simulator. We welcome your drawings and samples. We will continue to carry forward the business philosophy of 'standards start from precision work, service comes from sincerity', and develop together with new and old customers and peers at home and abroad.
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