What Is VR Technology?

Recently, the most we heard in the IT industry is VR technology. The gust of VR is like a 4K specification from the previous days. The various VR-related messages that followed have been born. The simple two-letter content actually contains quite a lot of content. However, consumers still seem to be confused, what is VR?

VR is so hot Is the outlook a good one or a fortune?

Regarding the definition of VR, online search can find such an explanation: VR is the abbreviation of Virtual Reality, namely virtual reality. Its specific connotation is: comprehensive use of computer graphics systems and various interfaces such as reality and control to provide immersive sensation technology in a three-dimensional environment that can be generated on a computer. Simply put, VR is a technique that simulates reality.

VR virtual reality technology is not a single hardware device, but a technical concept.

So VR is a concept, not specifically defined to a certain product. So what exactly VR is, many people are unclear, but seeing related products will suddenly realize that this is VR technology. The word VR is relatively virtual, and the current VR glasses can tell you what kind of technology it is. Put on VR glasses, you can see another world through the effect displayed in the glasses, you turn the body, the contents of the glasses It will also follow the movement, through the gravity sensor of VR glasses to achieve the synchronous change of the seen picture, the picture that the human eye sees is a complete virtual space, and the brain records the existing imaging, which can make people feel that it is Another space is average.

VR virtual reality is very early used in all kinds of games, and gaming peripherals are one of the earliest VR hard drives that the public has come into contact with.

In fact, the application of VR technology has been in contact with the public very early, especially in some mobile games. The first-person game perspective can be used with the gyroscope of the mobile phone to realize the synchronous switching between the viewing angle and the mobile phone moving angle, so that the entire game screen is simulated. A coherent sense of space, these are the applications of VR technology, and have been introduced very early. Desktop game consoles, computer games, and handhelds have launched 3D games with spatial simulations at an early stage. These games often require us to press the buttons to switch perspectives and interact with people. So while building a virtual time on the software level, people always find it difficult to integrate. So for me, VR virtual reality technology is a combination of virtual world and reality.

This year, VR virtual reality technology is valued by manufacturers, so this long-term latent technology has been widely recognized. Of course, the most happy game makers, because the new supporting hardware can bring more creative space, so there will be a new game bonus period. In fact, in addition to games, VR technology is also used in real life. However, it is generally not targeted at mass consumers, but in special fields. The most popular in the consumer field is the shallow application of maps and real scenes. However, in terms of image recording, this year seems to have a new breakthrough.