What Is Virtual Reality

The so-called virtual reality, as the name implies, is the combination of virtual and reality. In theory, virtual reality technology (VR) is a kind of computer simulation system that can create and experience the virtual world. It uses computers to generate a simulation environment and immerse users in the environment. Virtual reality technology is to use the data in real life, through the electronic signal generated by computer technology, and combine it with various output devices to transform it into a phenomenon that can be felt by people. These phenomena can be real and real objects in reality, or substances that we can't see with the naked eye, which can be displayed by three-dimensional models. Because these phenomena are not what we can see directly, but the real world simulated by computer technology, they are called virtual reality.

Virtual reality technology has been recognized by more and more people. Users can experience the most real feelings in the virtual reality world. The authenticity of its simulation environment is difficult to distinguish from the real world, which makes people have a sense of being in the real world. At the same time, virtual reality has all the perceptual functions that human beings have, such as hearing, vision, touch, taste, smell and other perceptual systems. Finally It has a super strong simulation system, which really realizes human-computer interaction, so that people can operate at will in the process of operation and get the most real feedback from the environment. It is the characteristics of virtual reality, such as existence, multi perception and interaction, that make it popular with many people