What Devices Do Vr Games Need

Currently, VR glasses on the market can be divided into two categories: PC VR and mobile VR.

(1) PC VR is characterized by strong computing performance, good display effect and space walking when connected to PC or host computer. (one exception is PS VR, which connects to a playstation console and has more resources to play with.)

PC VR is represented by the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, which has three cameras and allows you to walk in the virtual world, but with certain limitations (for example, HTC Vive requires a space of about 20 square meters).

(2) mobile VR (divided into mobile phone box and all-in-one machine)

The boxes represent products like samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard. The idea is to put a lens on your phone so you can watch VR. The advantage is convenient, has the mobile phone to be able to see; However, due to the small size of the mobile phone and the large amount of calculation of VR, the fever is serious, and it will get stuck when used.

The all-in-one phone is basically a mobile phone, but its core components are integrated into the VR glasses. Because of its large size, it has better heat dissipation and stable performance, but the effect is similar to that of using a phone box on a flagship phone.

(3) the NOLO

This one can be interpreted as a combination of PC VR and mobile VR. NOLO consists of a positioning receiver, a handle and a detector, which can be mounted on the phone box and also enable you to walk in the virtual space.

What points do you want to watch VR?

The resolution of the

(1) resolution of the phone box

Besides the screen resolution of the phone itself, the most important accessory that affects the quality of the phone box is the lens. Nevertheless what each big manufacturer can declare him to use commonly is entrance lens, but the effect is more general, also do not have too big difference, the brand that evaluates good when buying or buy according to individual be fond of is ok.

(2) the resolution of the all-in-one machine

2K screen is an entry-level choice for all-in-one machines, so try to buy 2K or higher resolution. (2K refers to the horizontal resolution of more than 2000px, for example, the resolution of 2160 x 1200px equipment has reached the 2K standard).

(3) resolution of PC VR

The starting point is that the monocular can reach 1080 x 1200px, and the resolution of the binocular screen is 2160 × 1200px, which can satisfy the smooth running of most games. Of course, should not be too high, if the resolution is too high, the image will be compressed on the lens, produce sharpening effect, not worth the loss.


Delay will directly affect whether playing VR device will be dizzy! General delay (running frequency) can be guaranteed at 90Hz (each product will be marked with this parameter, the lower the value, the better); If the picture delay rate is high, it will be dizzy.

Viewable Angle (FOV)

Viewport: refers to the field of vision that can be seen on the lens. The common VR equipment can keep the viewport between 96° and 120°. Due to the motion sensing rotation technology, it is unnecessary to have a large viewport.

Additional, most support adjusts focal length, that is to say the person of slight myopia does not wear glasses to also can see clearly, adjust limits to be controlled in 600 degrees commonly, exceed 600 degrees myopia to be about to choose to wear glasses.

Comfort of wearing

When it comes to comfort, the best one is PC VR. As it requires external equipment, it is usually designed to be helmet-shaped, with good comfort and fit.

PC VR is also: HTC vive, Oculus these two better

While others are all-in-one phones or mobile phones +VR devices, if you can personally think that HTC vive devices stand out in various aspects