VR Theme Amusement Park Equipment Integration Innovation Possibilities

What kind of impact does the various VR theme amusement park equipment have on new consumption? Launched a series of experience devices such as Dynamic Space Capsule, Unlimited Tour, VR Discovery, VR Flight Racing, Cycling, VR Gatlin Machine Gun, which will create a realistic experience in the world!

"VR" technology is deeply integrated with many experience hardware peripherals, creating unlimited possibilities, creating a variety of VR theme amusement park equipment, bringing visitors a multi-dimensional interactive competitive VR experience. The dreamy virtual landscape is more diverse, with mountains, plains, waterfalls and streams, the coastline is rugged and rocky, and the silky sand adds an elegant charm. The latest multimedia art and technology achievements have created a variety of VR-themed amusement park equipment, providing visitors with a full-sensing immersive shock experience that blends with water, electricity, and time.

Volkswagen expressed great concern about the new equipment of the VR theme amusement park. Although the current VR/AR industry has some “virtual fire”, the public is still full of confidence in the VR theme amusement park. The VR theme amusement park and its new equipment bring new opportunities for the development of the tourism industry and the amusement industry. Cleverly called a variety of hardware peripherals, created a classic tribute to the VR experience. Dynamic, game interaction and VR echo each other, giving people a great shock. The ultimate rotation, vibration, and hair dryer effects reflect a more realistic subtle layering. Let people devote themselves to exploring the mysterious charm of virtual reality!