VR Experience Pavilion Located In The Service Area Of Expressway

Over the past year, on the highway in China, there is a very popular service area, it not only provide service for vehicles, more attracted a lot of tourists go to play clock in, has become a veritable web celebrity service area, so also is the expressway service area, why "yangcheng hu service area" will be so hot?

Yangcheng hu service area has broken the traditional view of service area, the shape of the classical small Bridges, pavilions, also into the modern high-tech and food shopping.The perfect combination of service area and landscape garden will make every visitor linger on...


Yangcheng lake service area, in addition to the appearance of the design is worth mentioning, food and snacks and with fresh, fruit shop, cat poop coffee, supermarkets and so on.


Besides these, there is also a VR experience pavilion in the yangcheng hu service area, which is designed with the theme of "space star".Combine its overall style with VR sci-fi...


VR products in yangcheng hu service area are provided by Jiangsu (Guangzhou) Empower Intelligent Technology Co., LTD. The VR experience hall mainly includes VR360 2.0 version (double), Spinning VR Simulator, Racing Simulator 6-Dof, Mars exploration(VR cinema) and so on.

Mars exploration (VR Cinema)

The  Mars exploration project uses a 360° full shadow helmet for a fully immersive game experience, gently rotating the head around and around to view the beautiful scenery.In particular, the multi-angle dynamic platform is perfectly adapted to the Mars exploration related films and programs, instantly allowing people to deal with immersive experience.Mars expeditions can accommodate 32 people at a time, though that's a lot more than other VR experiences.The unique location design and space reserved will make your Mars experience amazing and deep



VR360 2.0 version(double)

VR360 2.0 version (double) is equipped with exquisite safety protection device to ensure the safety of every experiencer.The VR headset not only improves the immersive experience, but also increases the playability and stimulation of the game, making the experience more realistic


Racing Simulator 6-Dof

Racing Simulator 6-Dof uses the international leading motion control technology, using electric cylinder six degrees of freedom of movement technology platform, truly closely integrated with the game, can complete dive and climb, tilt, bend, rotate down, for the adventure of difficult movements such as turbulence from the aspects of dynamic, driving control, audio, simulation gives the user experience of hyperreality.


Spinning VR Simulator

Spinning VR Simulator you can simulate up and down, left and right,360° free passive or active rotating lights according to the experience scene. Especially those who have not experienced flying or roller coaster can try it on the spot and let you sit. You can useThe VR horizon to experience exciting rides that you have never experienced before


In addition to the VR products mentioned above, there are immersive spherical space products on site. At present, some of the VR experience areas have started operation.Who don't have experienced before, can be in yangcheng lake service area a good experience!

In many cities, it is easy to ignore the significance of service area. A service area can often determine the impression of tourists on a city.

The popular "yangcheng hu service area" has completely changed people's stereotype of the service area. On the contrary, "yangcheng hu service area" has successfully turned into a tourist attraction in suzhou.