VR Cinema Generates 3D Environment With Computer System And Sensor Technology

VR Cinema, a virtual reality movie. VR Cinema uses computer systems and sensor technology to generate a three-dimensional environment, creating a new way of human-computer interaction, simulating human visual, auditory, tactile and other sensory functions, enabling people to immerse themselves in virtual realms, and viewers enter VR theaters. In the scene, you can view the surrounding environment 360 degrees.

Regarding the immersive experience, 3D and IMAX can do the same, while VR Cinema goes further. It has two major indicators:

One is the panoramic stereoscopic imaging and surround sound, which completely breaks through the dimensions of the traditional cinema, so that the audience is completely infiltrated into the content of the film visually and audibly;

The second is to capture the movements of the viewer's head, eyes, hands and other parts (via the VR theater and the sensor of the seat button, etc.), adjust the presentation of the image in time, and then form the interaction of the human scene, and have the right to choose the plot, Especially for the "control" right of the key plot and the fate of the characters.

At the end of the film, each viewer has a film of their own based on the diversity of each choice. Compared with the visual and auditory sensory stimuli, this kind of enthusiasm and playability that allows the audience to intervene in the development of the story and even the homemade version of the film is the biggest selling point of the VR film, and also the aesthetic contribution to the film. Experience the development of the economy.