The Application Of Virtual Reality Technology

1. Application in film and television entertainment

In recent years, due to the wide application of virtual reality technology in the film and television industry, the first live 9DVR experience hall mainly established by virtual reality technology has been realized.Since its establishment, the 9DVR experience hall has had a great influence in the film and television entertainment market. This experience hall enables viewers to experience the feeling of being in the real scene and immerse them in the virtual environment created by the film.At the same time, with the continuous innovation of virtual reality technology, this technology has also been rapidly developed in the field of games.Virtual reality technology is the use of computer generated 3d virtual space, and 3d game is just built on this technology, 3d game almost contains all the technology of virtual reality, so that the game not only keeps real-time and interactive, but also greatly improves the sense of reality of the game.

2. Application in education

Nowadays, virtual reality technology has become a new educational means to promote the development of education.Traditional education just give students knowledge, and now virtual reality technology can be used to help students build vivid, vivid learning environment, so that the students through the true feelings to enhance memory, compared with the passive infusion, using virtual reality technology to carry out autonomous learning is easier to let the student to accept, this way is easier to stimulate students' interest in learning.In addition, universities and colleges have also set up subject-related virtual LABS to help students learn better by using virtual reality technology.

3. Application in the field of design

Virtual reality technology has made a small achievement in the field of design, such as interior design. People can use virtual reality technology to express the interior structure and house appearance through virtual technology, making it visible objects and environment.At the same time, in the initial stage of design, designers can simulate their ideas through virtual reality technology, and can see the actual indoor effect in advance in the virtual environment, which not only saves time, but also reduces the cost.

4. Application of virtual reality in medicine

Medical experts use computers to simulate human tissues and organs in the virtual space, so that students can perform simulated operations in it, and students can feel the feeling of the scalpel cutting into human muscle tissues and touching bones, so that students can grasp the operation essentials faster.In addition, the surgeon can also build a virtual model of the patient's body before the operation and conduct a surgical rehearsal in the virtual space, which can greatly improve the success rate of the operation and allow more patients to recover.

5. Application of virtual reality in military field

Due to the depth of virtual reality and authenticity, in terms of military, people wait for the mountains and rivers landscape, Marine lakes on the map and write data through the computer, using virtual reality technology, to the original planar map into a three-dimensional topographic map, by holographic technology to its projected out again, it's more help to conduct military exercises training, improve the comprehensive national strength of our country.

In addition, the current war is information-based war, and war machines are developing towards automation, and uav is the most typical product of information-based war.Because of its automation and convenience, uav is very popular among countries. During the training of soldiers, virtual reality technology can be used to simulate the flight, shooting and other working modes of uav.During the war, soldiers can also use glasses, helmets and other machines to control drones for reconnaissance and assassination missions, reducing the rate of military casualties in the war.Since virtual reality technology can make the scene captured by uav three-dimensional, reduce the difficulty of operation and improve the efficiency of detection, the development of uav and virtual reality technology is urgent.

6. Application of virtual reality in aerospace

As aerospace is a costly, very complicated project, so people use virtual reality technology and computer statistical simulation in virtual space reconstructed the shuttle and flight environment in reality, the pilots in the virtual space flight training and experimental operation, greatly reduce the risk of laboratory construction and experiment coefficient.