Report On 2019VR Industry Market And Future Development Trend

In recent years, the continuous development of artificial intelligence (AI), big data and other technologies and industrial ecology has promoted the constant evolution of VR(virtual reality).Virtual reality terminal has evolved from single application to multiple application and from separation to integration.

With the continuous expansion of the application field and improvement of the industrial chain, VR will become an indispensable part of b-terminal customers. According to a report released by the China academy of commerce industry, the virtual reality market in China will reach 22.56 billion yuan in 2019.

2019 -- industry survey and future trend research released by China report net also clearly points out the development goals, core technologies and promotion of VR application in key industries.


  1. Development goals

    To 2020, the basic sound, VR (virtual reality) industry chain in economic and social important application we have in the field of industry, the construction of a number of industrial technology innovation center, the core of the significant breakthrough in key technology innovation, build a batch of replication, promotion, the typical demonstration of effective application and industry application solutions, creating a batch of outstanding features of the virtual reality industry innovation base, initially forming technology, products, services, and push the development of application of collaborative pattern.

    By 2025, the overall strength of virtual reality industry in China into the world, grasp the key core patent and standard virtual reality, the formation of several has stronger international competitiveness of the virtual reality backbone enterprises, markedly enhance its capability of innovation, application service supply level improved, the overall development of the industry strength jump, virtual reality application ability significantly increased, to promote the quality and efficiency of economic and social development in various fields has increased dramatically.

  2. Core technologies

    Strengthen the coordinated development of "production, learning, research and application", and promote the research on basic theories, technologies and applications related to VR virtual reality.Traction machine drive, system, virtual reality modeling, display, sensing, interaction and so on key link, strengthen the dynamic environment modeling, real-time 3 d graphics generation, multivariate data processing, real-time motion capture, real-time location tracking, key technology research for fast rendering treatment etc, to speed up the virtual reality visual graphics processor (GPU), physical arithmetic processor (PPU), high performance sensor processor, new close eye display devices, such as research and development and industrialization.

    Accelerate the r&d and industrialization of content acquisition and production equipment such as panoramic camera, motion capture, immersive sound field acquisition equipment and 3d scanner, so as to meet the requirements of content production at different application levels such as smart city, regional cultural tourism, culture and education, enterprise park, business, film and television.

  3.  Promote the application of key industries

    Guide and support the development of "VR +" industry, promote the in-depth application of vr virtual reality technology in smart city, regional culture and tourism, culture and education, enterprise park, commerce, film and television and other industries, innovate and integrate the development path, cultivate new models and formats, expand the application space of virtual reality, and constantly enrich "VR +" formats,such as "VR+Smart city","VR + regional cultural tourism","VR + cultural education","VR+smart factory" and so on.