Playing VR Should Play On The Virtual Reality Theme Amusement Park Equipment

Some people say that buying a VR doesn't feel very fun. This is because you are buying a mobile phone VR and cannot interact with the game. The virtual reality theme amusement park has real-life interaction. It also combines large-scale mobile game equipment such as dynamic platform, walking platform, driving platform and shooting platform. It handles the inconsistency between visual and physical sense and has an innovative VR game experience. Perhaps you can experience the true charm of VR!

The virtual reality theme amusement park equipment can be said to combine almost the advantages of the past video game consoles, and the dynamic technology and environmental special effects technology have been added, and the 3D unrestricted immersive visual technology in VR has made the game experience more and more. Perfect, it has become a classic in the VR experience.

To create a virtual reality theme amusement park device that can appeal to consumers, it is necessary to grasp the user's eye first. The most important thing is not to tell the story, but to create an immersive, immersive world. First of all, we should rule out the scenes that people are familiar with, because they are so familiar that there is no sensory stimulation.

After a year of VR virtual fire, a large number of virtual reality themed amusement park franchisees and manufacturers were eliminated. The reason is that their experience products are single and cannot guarantee the development and continuous development of high-quality experience devices. Instead of sitting and playing VR, people are standing on a swimming platform to play VR. And it's handled very well on the game control. Players can use two rocker controllers to implement their own decisions at any angle. In all other VR rides, we can't feel this free and happy feeling!