Four Major Programs Teach You How To Choose Your Favorite VR Device

In the short span of two years of virtual reality (VR) industry, the word "VR" swept the entire Internet, with many product categories, PC version, all-in-one, mobile phone box..., then the VR products are full of dazzling Under the times, how can I choose to find my favorite equipment? Here are four major options to give you different options.

Solution 1: Vive Focus VR machine

If you:

Want to buy a simple and easy to use VR device, do not need to connect to the phone / computer, that is, ready to use, one-button boot, do not worry about complex technical / installation problems, you can play it immediately;

Is a technology influx, want to bring VR equipment out, play VR at any time, share novelty and happiness with friends and family...

Especially interested in film and television, I hope to have a giant screen private theater, lying in the sofa or bed at home to watch movies or videos in various formats;

To purchase 3K Ultra HD display VR equipment for offline VR theater, or VR experience store for guests to watch or experience;

I want to choose a gift with a special grade and send it to my loved ones, send friends, send leaders, and send objects.

It is a new technology that likes to have a high value and is cool. You can take it out and show it on the street.

Option 2: Vive Pro Professional Headset + Handle Locator 1.0

If you:

I have purchased the Vive Consumer Edition before, and I want to upgrade the audiovisual experience of the VR headset (such as 78% resolution of the eyes, 3D stereo sound) and wearing comfort. It is recommended to purchase the Vive Pro Pro version directly for replacement upgrade.

As a new VR user, I want to buy the VR device with the strongest immersiveness, the most content and the best effect, and the 3m×4m play range can satisfy you. It is recommended to purchase Vive Pro professional version and participate in the official website. Adding a price to buy "get a set of equipment;

Operating a VR experience store or other commercial activities, want to upgrade the original Vive head display, bring customers a better VR experience, do not intend to expand the play area more than 3 meters × 4 meters, it is recommended to directly purchase Vive Pro professional version head Replace the upgrade.

Option 3: Vive Pro Professional Edition Virtual Reality System

If you:

Requires a 6m x 6m VR play range. In the future, it may be necessary to connect more locator 2.0 through post-software update to support a larger tracking range of 10m x 10m;

Is a VR developer, want to study the most advanced VR hardware, and the latest SteamVR 2.0 tracking technology, it is recommended to set a new Vive Pro professional version of the virtual reality system;

It is often necessary to use VR equipment to participate in the exhibition activities, then the Locator 2.0 in the Vive Pro Professional Virtual Reality System has stronger anti-interference ability, and can perform VR display more stably in the more complicated Demo environment;

The VR device needs to be used in a scenario such as a VR multi-person classroom and a multi-person VR battle. A pair of locator 2.0 can identify multiple VR heads in the tracking range, which is stable and efficient;

It is a commercial user who owns the Vive Pro professional version of the head-mounted/virtual reality system. It is recommended to purchase the Vive industry application service Vive industry application enhancement service within 90 days of purchase to obtain faster and more reliable after-sales service, so that commercial VR has no worries. ;

Money is willful, buy the most expensive and the best is right!

Option 4: Vive Consumer Edition Virtual Reality System

If you want to experience more than 2,000 rich PC-side VR content, immersive and cost-effective, then the Vive consumer version of the virtual reality system is completely sufficient. Looking at the global PC-side VR market, the Vive consumer version of the VR experience is second only to the strongest Vive Pro Professional Edition, but the price is much cheaper, so... you know!