Beyond Worldwide Vision,More Than You Can Imagine

Hello, the temperature has dropped recently

Dear friends to pay attention to keep warm 

Today I recommend a better one for my friends

Like the “Beyond Worldwide Vision”

It's one of the most experienced projects on the surface right now

Next, let's take a look


Beyond Worldwide Vision is an immersive VR theme experience pavilion independently developed by endowed intelligence.A panoramic immersion space consisting of a 360 degree immersive film and a simulation of the surrounding environment.It is a new type of film and television product which is composed of theme environment decoration, intelligent motion control platform and multi-degree-of-freedom parallel structure on the basis of VR360 degree panoramic content.

Beyond Worldwide Vision” will bring the audience a virtual experience beyond the reality!More exciting, more immersive


When you wear the VR headset, you can feel the impact, vibration, ups and downs, forward tilt, left and right swing and other synchronous effects in real time along with the changes of the film and television content, creating a thrilling and exciting effect consistent with the film content, and feeling the visual impact in the movement.

Of course, compared with other types of cinema, I have prominent theme, high technology content, realistic effect, strong entertainment and other characteristics and advantages


Come on, get the details

My specification: 7*7*2.68m

Of course, I have requirements for electricity: 220V / 15000W

Floor area: 120㎡

once can have 32 people to experience together


Beyond Worldwide Vision 

It will make your eyes feel good

What science fiction/virtual tour/adventure

It will definitely make you feel worthwhile

In addition to these cool visual and tactile experiences

I'm sure you don't know me very well

Do you still remember the "yangcheng lake service area" which became popular in the first half of the year.

Is that a little impressive

There, too, is a seat for me

It's a Mars theme



In particular, the multi-angle dynamic platform is perfectly adapted to the movies and programs related to the Mars exploration, which makes people in the immersive experience instantly.Mars expeditions can hold up to 32 people at a time, though that's a lot more for other VR experiences.Unique location design and reserved space will make your Mars experience amazing and immersed