Analyze The Similarities And Differences And Relations Between MR And AR

MR also emphasizes the presence, in MR see content also and field is closely linked, first is the picture of the scene filled the user's field of vision, and then through the understanding of the three-dimensional structure and contents of the site, the computer generated, lifelike virtual image fusion, the requirements of the MR is 3 d integration, not only the virtual image overlay on real images, the virtual objects in the images of the three-dimensional coordinates, with the depth of field objects (distance), virtual objects need to be able to keep out each other, and real objects in the scene with real space, real light feeling,MR requires the user to be difficult to distinguish whether the object is real or virtual. If the user cannot distinguish the real from the fake, he will pass the Turing test in the field of image intelligence, which is the charm of MR and also the most difficult part of technology.

MR and AR are emphasized presence, are on the scene have enhanced effect, therefore from the foundation, MR and AR is consistent, MR and AR were required to be fused picture the scene in as much as possible, and they all need to understand the scene, and then the computer-generated virtual image correlation to blend in, so the similarities of field enhancement is MR and AR.

MR stressed the authenticity of the virtual images, need a cross at pixel level and real scene and occlusion, virtual scene with real light, natural mixed together and real scene, informational and AR more emphasis on virtual images, need to be seen, in the right place for users to increase the amount of information, but its and real scene of shade and light do not emphasize, this is MR and AR differences.

MR and AR are enhanced to reality, so they have the biggest thing in common, don't be strict with AR of virtual image sense of reality, but as real as possible, while MR realistic requirements for virtual image is strict, so the definition of AR more broadly than MR, MR is more strict than AR, so MR and AR is contained, MR is a subset of the set of AR (AR), high sense of reality