Analysis Of The Status Quo And Development Of VR Theme Amusement Park Equipment

If you ask what is the most fun in the world, is it a seesaw, a swing, a carousel, or an RPG online game? I believe that some traditional amusement activities, together with the story scene of computer CG, plus VR immersive technology, will create the experience on the VR theme amusement park equipment, it will be the most fun!

Let's take a look, there are some VR theme amusement park equipment! Developed a series of VR amusement equipment such as dynamic space capsule, unlimited swimming, VR exploration, VR flying racing, VR Gatling gun. These VR rides have been seen, and the gameplay is very interesting.

What can we play in these VR theme amusement park equipment? We can watch VR movies in the ups and downs, play in the virtual environment, perform racing and shooting games, and simulate real music, painting, table tennis, baseball and other games. It can be seen that the VR theme amusement park equipment is like a dream playground. Many traditional rides have been ported to the VR environment and combined with many interesting techniques.

How is the game scene in the VR theme amusement park equipment designed? We play VR games, which are self-centered and then expand outward. First of all, our human body and various senses cannot be changed. We feel the virtual world with our own human body and various senses, and carry out some amusement activities. We can play seesaws, swings, carousels, or race, shoot, and play in the virtual world. The form of these play and games cannot be changed. What can be virtualized is the style of the car, as well as the surrounding environment and scenery. These styles and scenery can be said to be as beautiful as possible, the more dreamy the better, or the more exotic and the newer the better!

Of course, building such a VR-themed amusement park is very expensive, but if you can get 3 billion people around the world to buy this service, then you can not make a big profit. Of course, we can also develop a cheaper virtual world, not using VR and various peripherals, but using brain intubation to connect our neurons to the virtual world. And it seems to be more environmentally friendly, and a large number of people do not need to use much resources.

But in the end, everyone will choose between the real world and the virtual world. The real world is more mundane and expensive. The virtual world is very dreamy and very cheap. We humans still don't want to create such a large VR theme amusement park as well, to deceive the poor people to live in that virtual world. Our current VR theme amusement park equipment should be the most suitable for the public. We lived in the ordinary world for a while, and went to the dreamy virtual world for ten minutes!