7 Predictions About VR / AR As The Cutting Edge Of Future Technology

Virtual reality (VR) is becoming a global cutting-edge technology that you can see around the world.

Participants have the opportunity to experience it first-hand through interactive lectures, conferences and seminars, allowing you to see experts and case studies in person, helping you understand the direction of technology and its development goals.

It is clearly the front and center of technology, including VR virtual reality / AR augmented reality, video games, healthcare, business development, automotive industry, and smart robotics.

1.Hospital 2.0

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From surgical training to providing safer, more effective, and more effective patient care methods, exploring how to immerse yourself in technology has changed the healthcare industry in the 21st century.

Pioneer cancer surgeon Shafi Ahmed performed the world's first surgery in a 360-degree video and will show his new surgery simulation application in the live operating room.

2.AI and robots


From job automation to autonomous vehicles to space exploration, robots will play an important role in the future. We will explore current cutting-edge applications and discuss how to address future possibilities.

3.VR cinema

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21st century technology provides a powerful way for filmmakers to create a new perspective. From 360-degree movies to completely immersive virtual environments, sit in a red velvet movie chair and immediately enter another world!

4.Car change


DETC will demonstrate the immersive experience of a variety of vehicles and projects, while Mo-Sys will immerse in AR using its proprietary Star Tracker technology for unfettered roaming and tracking

5.Game arcade


As immersive technology becomes mainstream in modern games, we emphasize that this technology can help players create a richer and more detailed world for players to explore and enjoy.

6.Immersive art galleries


The latest immersive technology goes beyond work and practical applications, providing a powerful innovation tool. Discover how artists use these inspiring new environments as creative canvases. Pass the audience through art, perfume, sound and meditation.

7.Vocktail Bar


Have a drink in the world's first virtual bar! Virtual cocktails are designed to work with users' vision, smell and taste, meaning that drinkers think they are trying a variety of different beverages from cocktails to wine, even if the glass is just plain water.