2020 CES Debuts With Full Analysis Of On-board AR Products

On January 7, 2020, the international consumer electronics exhibition (CES), known as the "Olympic" event of the global consumer electronics industry, arrived at the Las Vegas exhibition center as expected. After three days of wonderful exhibition, the event has come to a close.
At the tech event, AR headwear displays have gained wide attention as a new technology.This year, a number of AR companies in China appeared at CES with their products. Both the quality of hardware products and the functions of software systems improved greatly compared with previous years. What are the specific aspects?
In this article, we summarized the AR concept related products exhibited in this exhibition, and listed the detailed hardware parameters and function information, hoping to meet all your curiosity about AR products in this CES.


BMW showcased a smart cockpit designed in collaboration with Designworks that incorporates AR display technology in the windshield, hoping to provide better in-car interaction in the age of autonomous driving.
To sum up, there were several lightweight AR glasses on display at this year's CES.At present, the mainstream consumer-grade AR glasses are designed in a split style, which can be used with smart phones. Some products of technology companies adopt all-in-one design, but they cannot solve the problem of weight and battery life, and are only suitable for specific scenes.The AR optical module is developing towards lightening, wide field of view and mass production.C-end AR glasses begin to build content platforms and developer ecosystems.At present, samsung, TCL and other big brands mainly focus on concept display, and startup companies are still the main development force in this period.
This year's AR technology solutions are also very good, whether it is eye movement tracking, bone conduction, multi-person collaboration, etc.It is predicted that from 2020, more and more AR technology solutions will be available on the market.
At the same time, on-board AR technology is also making continuous breakthroughs. Although the intelligent cockpit demonstrated by BMW is only a concept product, companies such as gato, baidu and sogou are trying to combine AR technology with on-board navigation, and it is believed that there will be corresponding hardware products coming out soon.
This is the end of the full analysis and sharing of hardware and technology products in the CES 2020 AR exhibition.