2020 CES Debuts With Full Analysis Of AR Solution

On January 7, 2020, the international consumer electronics exhibition (CES), known as the "Olympic" event of the global consumer electronics industry, arrived at the Las Vegas exhibition center as expected. After three days of wonderful exhibition, the event has come to a close.
At the tech event, AR headwear displays have gained wide attention as a new technology.This year, a number of AR companies in China appeared at CES with their products. Both the quality of hardware products and the functions of software systems improved greatly compared with previous years. What are the specific aspects?
In this article, we summarized the AR concept related products exhibited in this exhibition, and listed the detailed hardware parameters and function information, hoping to meet all your curiosity about AR products in this CES.


Eye tracking solutions
7invensun, a domestic technology manufacturer, displayed an eye-movement interactive technology solution for AR glasses.


Above is an eye movement solution for RealX MR glasses for 0glasses.

7invensun also reached a strategic partnership with Nreal at this CES, and started the research and development of related products, trying to make users' interaction on AR glasses more natural through eye movement technology.

NRR multi-person collaboration technology solution


Nibiru, a provider of XR systems and industry tools, has released the NRR multi-person collaboration technology solution.The solution is a set of virtual simulation system software that can render most 3D software models to XR devices through PC remote rendering technology for industrial and gaming applications.