2020 CES Debuts With Full Analysis Of AR Products

On January 7, 2020, the international consumer electronics exhibition (CES), known as the "Olympic" event of the global consumer electronics industry, arrived at the Las Vegas exhibition center as expected. After three days of wonderful exhibition, the event has come to a close.
At the tech event, AR headwear displays have gained wide attention as a new technology.This year, a number of AR companies in China appeared at CES with their products. Both the quality of hardware products and the functions of software systems improved greatly compared with previous years. What are the specific aspects?
In this article, we summarized the AR related products exhibited in this exhibition, and listed the detailed hardware parameters and function information, hoping to meet all your curiosity about AR products in this CES.

Consumer grade AR glasses products

Nreal Light MR glasses (exhibition area #20930)

Nreal Light MR glasses are split type portable design, weight is 88g, adopt binocular self-developed optical scheme, Micro OLED display module, achieve 52° field of view and 1080p hd resolution.The mixed reality glasses are connected to the Android phone through the USB type-c data cable.


Nreal announced the Nreal Nebula at CES 2020.Through the Nebula system can make the ordinary Android application running on MR glasses, allegedly the function can support users all like Android applications, at the same time the application with spatial information storage function, can be used in 3 d positioning in the air, the environment surrounding into application interface, also support multithreading, real-time sharing, etc.

0glasses RealX MR glasses (exhibition area #21445)

This CES 0glasses shows the RealX, a new consumer grade MR glasses that has not been released in China for a long time. It adopts a coaxial air-guide optical design, Fov is 50°, weight is only about 70g, and the resolution is 1920*1080.Adopt binocular sunglasses split design, with mobile phone for use. 


0glasses provides application cases of MR in the fields of games, education, tourism, film and television.This CES 0glasses cooperated with 7invensun, the technology supplier, to launch the eye-movement technology display and the MR+ fitness exhibition with shouxing intelligence.And he was invited to attend the keynote speech of "XR standard in 5G era: lightweight consumer-grade MR glasses" at the Las Vegas convention center.

Am glass AR (no. 21415 exhibition area)

Pacific future am glass ii products adopt a coaxial curved optics scheme, 52° field of view, 1920*1080 resolution, dual Global Shutter camera +RGB camera, glasses weight is 88 grams, support Android 7.1 system.At the same time for the cultural and tourism scenarios to achieve customization, with power supply device for use.


Am glass provides object recognition, gesture recognition, speech recognition, image recognition and other functions, among which AR interactive game -- AR archery gained international friends' attention and actively participated in the experience in CES.

MAD Gaze GLOW MR glasses (#21523 exhibition area)

The current CES MAD Gaze showed the GLOW MR glasses. The GLOW takes a combined optical guide and offers two versions of 45°/53° field of view. The GLOW weighs 75g and is foldable.


MAD Gaze showed off a smart wearable device at this year's CES, the MAD Gaze WATCH bone conduction smartwatch.After connecting to the mobile phone, just touch or click the corresponding bone position on the back of the hand with the fingertips to operate the mobile phone APP and adjust the volume of the device.The advantage of this watch is that it can be used with GLOW glasses, bringing users a new way to interact with AR.
According to MAD Gaze insiders, only a few of the features of the smart wear were on display at the show, with important new features to look forward to.

Smart Swim AR glasses

At this CES, Vuzix announced a new AR eyewear for swimmers: Smart Swim, which features a monocular design with full-color display and needs to be superimposed on goggles.


AR glasses can help swimmers time, calculate distance, speed and other movement information. They can also record the movement process through the camera for playback analysis and other purposes.

G200-e AR glasses (no. 31166-14 exhibition area)

This CES, gudong technology released a new product cool pupil g200-e AR glasses, using the self-developed optical module M300.The product weighs around 80g, has a split design and is said to be capable of up to 4k 120 frames.At the same time, it is equipped with a 1300W pixel Snoy Sensor camera, which supports autofocus and can be used for police security, cultural tourism and other scenes.


This product is gudong technology three years to sharpen a sword of the product, whether can be called "monster" performance, we can see that gudong in the new product research and development above made great efforts.

Ximmerse MR glasses (exhibition area #21517)

The CES Ximmerse AR/field of VR technology company with products exhibition, show products including Rhinox as MR head, tie-in headphones package weight is 560 g, viewing Angle is ° 57, a resolution of 1440 * 2560, supporting more than Android 7.1 system, with MR system is used, based on X-ray Anchor can support more than MR, main application text brigade, games, education, industrial, security training scenario.


At this CES, Ximmerse demonstrated the first MR holographic museum, which is a comprehensive content platform integrating technology, entertainment and education for parents and children, attracting many visitors to stop and experience.

MIX Air AR glasses and CrossFire (#50715 pavilion)

Antv brought MIX Air all-in-one AR glasses and a prototype called CrossFire to CES.Both devices have their own hybrid optical waveguide optical design.The MIX Air has an Angle of view of 85°, a built-in operating system and a resolution of 2k.CrossFire has a split design, with an Angle of view of 146° and a resolution of 4k, while retaining a lighter look.

In recent years, antv has made few eye-catching news, but the parameters of the two products on display at CES are quite amazing. It is expected that the entrance of antv's new products will bring changes to the consumer market in 2020.

RealMax dry AR glasses (exhibition area #20945)

This CES tapuyi sea with AR glasses product REALMAX dry exhibition, this AR glasses with free-form surface optical design, field of view up to 100.8 °, 2k resolution.There are some weight trade-offs.The product has powerful functions, such as gesture tracking and spatial positioning.

It is worth mentioning that REALMAX can win the favor of experiencers through its excellent interactive demonstration effect in almost every exhibition.The performance at this year's CES is very similar to the performance at last year's world VR/AR industry conference, where multiple experiencers were wearing AR glasses at the same time for AR interactive experience. The scene was very lively, which can be regarded as a REALMAX phenomenon.