Why is the VR machine a future trend of virtual reality?

VR imagination brings technology explosion

As a representative of the outbreak of science and technology, the industrial revolution has gone through three complete stages: the steam engine revolution, the electrical revolution, and the IT revolution. The essence of this is that the processing efficiency and mutual cooperation of human information have undergone more changes. Is the next era Is the smart wear revolution? In any case, the emergence of VR-type wearable smart hardware has begun to subvert the traditional patterns of the following three areas:

User socialization: The advancement of technology has made human socialization evolve from early face-to-face to remote communication (time), offline socialization has begun to transform into online social (space), but the emergence of VR has enabled two or more social parties to break through time and space. Face-to-face communication in the virtual space on the line, further reducing the cost of communication, making communication in the true sense of freewheeling.

Film and television production: Compared with traditional film and television shooting and production, the emergence of VR video has changed the way video producers present content, the new application of lens language, the parallel description of main branch content, and the redefinition of editing and editing links. All of this is a subversion of traditional film and television. Imagine a true multi-line plot of VR movies happening in parallel, no longer having the main supporting actors in the traditional sense. Each character has its own unique story. What a wonderful thing.

Game interaction: The existing game interactions simulate the behavior of the user's life through the device or game mode, the mouse simulates the hand, the keyboard simulates the language communication and the behavioral action, but in the VR, the real behavior of the user is truly projected into the game scene. The virtual hand movement comes from the behavior of the hand in the formal environment. The viewing direction of the head determines the viewing angle of the character in the game, and the virtualization of the actual behavior will become the main development direction of VR.

VR all-in-one is a virtual reality milestone

The development of the current VR industry is somewhat similar to the early development of the Internet industry. The product and technology iterations are very fast. The characteristics of Moore's Law will continue to the entire VR industry. The hardware performance is continuously enhanced, and the technology is gradually mature and still cannot be skipped. Objective law, just as the industrial revolution has its own representative of technology products at different stages, the development of VR will be the same. The ultimate form of VR devices in the future has two goals: the industry consensus:

The first point is miniaturization.

The second point is portable.

The PC-side VR helmet is limited for the user because of the line and the external device, which greatly affects the user experience. Similarly, VR's future trend will not stop at products like Samsung GearVR. The ultimate form of VR equipment, small and lightweight is its inevitable trend, and the biggest problem with VR glasses connected to mobile phones is that the size or form of the devices is limited by mobile phones. The development trend of mobile phones and the development trend of VR devices are not uniform. So what is the ultimate form of VR device evolution.

VR machine. That is, VR All in One, VR is an opportunity to get rid of the restrictions attached to other computing terminals, so that data wireless transmission, real-time processing calculation, product volume and other characteristics, the emergence of VR machine makes virtual reality unified The standard of experience, so that VR content can be made even more extreme.

VR changes human life

Since the birth of human civilization, the higher, faster, and stronger purpose has continuously revolved around the development of science and technology and has become the endless pursuit goal of human self-perception. The launch of each of the inter-generation products will inevitably promote the advancement of many industrial technologies. The development of display technology has led to the development of traditional diode displays into liquid crystal displays. The explosion of mobile phone products has spawned a powerful mobile processor, which will inevitably have its uniqueness in the future in the VR field. The industry's black technology is accepted by the public, is a new way of interaction? Wonderful VR content production? Immersed in the game experience? We will wait and see!