Whether 5G can promote the development of VR virtual reality industry

The game field has really played a good role in VR technology, but VR has not fully played its value, which may be because the development cost of its own VR is relatively large, the second aspect is because VR technology is not as imaginary Convenient. For example, you must wear a helmet!

Sometimes even real virtual reality has some uncontrollable factors. Recently, Mr. Bean's deductive agent 2, Mr. Bean took virtual glasses and ran out while experiencing the virtual scene, causing a lot of trouble, though This is a comedy, but it is true for VR, there are some problems. Of course this is a question of one of the series of security factors.

Then, in the second aspect, VR is actually lacking in convenience. It also needs to be manned to bring a helmet. If you can simplify the equipment, it is really good. This leads to the problem. In fact, many real VR experiences are completed in many experience stores and specialized VR game stores. They need clerk assistance, professional computers, VR glasses and professional VR virtual guns to complete the real series. Simulate the real experience!

In other respects, it is very difficult to achieve such an effect. For example, in the home, the cost of a special computer is still quite high, and it can't bear it. The visual experience of the so-called VR eyes and mobile phones is difficult to achieve a real VR experience, so it is just a VR scorpion!

So VR can use the 5G highway to find a breakthrough, this fundamental factor is not at the 5G network technology level. More is the revolution of VR's own self-technology, which determines the value of his future prospects. If you don't do a good job of visual effects and convenient experience. In fact, this feature is very tasteless. But if you go completely like this experience store, virtual games can, then virtual movies can be, but the current cinema line has 3D eyes can be achieved, so whether VR can intervene is a mystery! But to achieve a virtual better effect, to achieve the purpose of service life, then this requires the revolution of the device itself, the need for smaller equipment, and then more convenient operation to solve this problem!