Differences between VR, AR and MR technologies

In daily life, we have heard more and more information about VR and AR, and most people have not clearly distinguished the relationship and difference between them. Many friends are even more confused about the new concept of MR. Today we will talk about what VR, AR and MR are.

VR (Virtual Reality), the realistic three-dimensional world that VR players see and feel is actually all virtual and computer-generated. The game effect presented in the previously popular movie "Number One Player" is VR technology. The VR world is completely virtual. By stimulating human hearing, touch, smell, taste, force, motion and other sensory systems, the immersive experience is achieved. All of this does not exist in the real world, except that VR equipment changes the feeling of players.

AR (Augmented Reality), the AR world is partly real and partly virtual. In other words, there is really the world as a carrier for digital information. Just like in "Detective Conan", the glasses worn by Conan are like a small mobile screen. In fact, the glasses of real glasses are the carrier of digital information. This is a type of AR, and the position of the picture changes as the position or orientation of the AR device changes. If the driver wears AR glasses and uses the windshield of the car as the carrier of the virtual screen, the position of the digital information will be displaced with the rotation of the head of the glasses wearer, so that the information is always presented in front of the user's eyes, and the relative position is not Any change

MR (Mixed Reality) is a further development of VR and AR to enhance the realism of user experience. It can be said: MR = VR + AR = virtual world + digital information + real world. It is also a combination of virtual and reality. The digital information projected by MR technology can also use the real world as a carrier, and it is more three-dimensional and more realistic. The difference between MR and AR is that in the MR world, virtual objects presented in the real world will not be displaced due to changes in the player's position. Their positions are actually relatively fixed. In the advanced MR world, users are likely to be unable to distinguish which one is a virtual object and which one is a real object.